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Brandyn Ashing

YouTube Channel Intro

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Leonard Nimoy music video's Play

Leonard Nimoy sings various songs. I used goanimate.com to make some cartoon music video's of Leonard Nimoy songs. I had alot of fun making the cartoons and hope you enjoy them and the music. For more information about Leonard Nimoy music visit www.maidenwine.com

The Records are
1. Leonard Nimmoy Presents Mr. Spocks Music From Outer Space
Dot Records 1967
2. Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy
Dot Records 1968
3. Leonard Nimoy The Way I Feel
Dot Records 1968
4. The Touch of Leonard Nimoy
Dot Records 1969
5. The New World of Leonard Nimoy
Dot Records 1970

Song (Writer) Record
Time To Get It Together (Roberds) 5
Piece of Hope (Nimoy) 4
Put a little love in your heart (Holiday-Myers-DeShannon) 5
Spock's Thoughts (Roddenberry-Green) 2
The ballad of bilbo baggins (Green) 2
Where it's at (Coben) 3
Let it be me (Curtis-Delanoe-Becaud) 5
Highly Illogical (Hertz-Green) 2
I walk the line (Cash) 5
If I had a Hammer (Hays-Seeger) 3
Both sides Now (Mitchell) 3
Consillium (Nimoy-Green) 3
Where is love (Lionel Bart) 1
The sun will rise (Nimoy) 5
The mayor of ma's cafe (Hampton) 5
A trip to nowhere (Cymbal-Costa) 4
Here we go round again (Evans-Pames) 3
In Contact (Nimoy-Tipton) 4
On Alien (Coben) 1
A visit to a sad planet (Christopher-Green) 1
Please Don't try to change my Mind (Christopher-Green) 3
Nature Boy (Ahbez) 4
Cycles (Caldwell) 4
I search for tomorrow (Evans-Pames) 4
I think it's gonna rain today (Newman) 4
By Myself (Dietz-Schwartz) 2
Follow your star (Hertz-Green) 2
Love of the Common People (Hurley-Wilkins) 2
Maiden Wine (Nimoy) 4
Abraham, Martin, and John (Holler) 5
If I were a carpenter ( Hardin) 2
twinkle, twinkle, little Earth (Hertz-Nimoy-Grean) 1
Cotton Candy (Ralke) 2

[Noahide] Ask Noah Play

This Playlist contains or shall contain the Seven Universal Commandments for all mankind and their Practical Applications. It also contains the story of Noah and the flood. Material taken from www.asknoah.org unless otherwise stated. No copywright infringement intended. waiting for Michoel to correct my pronunciation of some Hebrew names and words. :) Update: Michoel did get back to me with my pronuciations I have yet to implement the corrections.

Alienhost electronic music Play

electronic music by Alienhost. http://soundcloud.com/alienhost/

Steven Spielberg face to face Play

Steven Spielberg Interview shortly after making Schinler's List
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