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Introducing the Prudent Families

6,281 views 1 year ago
Jacinda Boneau and Jaime Morrison Curtis of Prudent Baby just want to say hi and introduce you to our families, including a bunch of cute (we think) kids and Prudent Dads Carleton and Rick in special guest appearances. HI! Show less
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Make Stuff! Without Sewing! Play

Learn how to make simple stuff with Jaime and Jacinda. This playlist is all about not sewing. Sometimes we love not sewing. If you want to sew, watch our Pretty Prudent Sew Along playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYXIZQO8GtrqBlhVUyFaHs­YicwjbO6mZr

Ok let's make stuff!

Jaime's Lazy Late Night Cooking Corner Play

Our weekly Thursday series where Jaime of Prudent Baby raids the pantry to whip up last-minute, late-night sweet treats with only her microwave, robe, and DVR.

Prudent Baby Sew-Along Videos Play

Learn how to sew magical creations with these in-depth tutorial videos from Jaime and Jacinda of Prudent Baby.

Merry Happy Everything: The Curtis Family Yearly Video Cards Play

Every year Jaime creates a video holiday card featuring Carleton, Scarlet, and a smattering of other Morrisons and Curtii, along with their animal menagerie of Puck, Princess Cheese, Hammy, Pickle, Love Traveler and Queen Singalong Ice Cream.
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