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On Location with Karolina Henke and the Profoto B1 Location Kit

24,250 views 2 months ago
The Profoto B1 is a new kind that brings a whole new way of shooting. It has TTL, so you get a perfect exposure in a flash. It is battery-powered and cordless, so you can take it with you wherever you go and put it wherever you want. Add to that the power, speed and light shaping possibilities that Profoto lights are known for, and you have an off-camera flash that makes great light easy.

With the release of the Profoto B1 Location Kit, the B1's portability is taken to the next level.

The kit contains:

2 x B1 off-camera flashes
2 x Li-Ion batteries
1 x Fast Charger
1 x Car Charger
1 x Bag

The learn more about the Profoto B1 and the Profoto B1 Location, go to www.profoto.com/b1

You see more of Karolina Henkes stunning work here: http://www.skarp.se/karolin... Show less
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