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Alexander Kestner

"Sorry" by Decadence Destroyed

103 views 6 months ago
An old song that I added 2 extra verses, a chorus, and John Frusciante's beautiful "Untitled 3" because, if Israel Kamakawiwo'ole can add Louie Armstrongs "What a Wonderful World" to his song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", then why can't I add John Frusciante's "Untitled 3" verse to my song.

It's quite fitting, actually.


You're too beautiful to be left alone
You're a perfect princess; One that I can't hold

The moon sings for you but only when you're sad
My perfect girl whom I'll never understand

I'm sorry for ever letting you down
I'm sorry, I'm not sure why I am now


You're the best girlfriend that I've ever had
Soon to be wife, now that makes me really glad

I'm so happy when you're in my company
I'm so happy that we'll one day have babies

Up up and far away our spirits will soon soar
As long as we're together I couldn't ask for more


Some say far away there's a place upon that sky
Well that's where we'll live and where we will both die

Our children will one day look up asking why
Wonderin' how we're doin', well we're doin' just fine

And don't you think we won't live forever
'Cos I know with you I'll last for many years


*A dove is a glove
*That I wear in my heart
*and though I like to dress smart
*It doesn't have any part
*Of the world of fashion
*And you're here to put me down
*And I'm sick of the frowns
*That follow me around
*and I would like the sky
*Though there's no reason why
*She'd say to the world
*With the nose of a girl
*Turned up so loud that it rings
*To the clouds
*I've never been here
*Though you're physically here
*You're pushin' me away
*To decay, Like the day that I loved
and You're pushin' me away
and I've got no better place to stay
So I'll just go

(Note: Any lyric with an asterisk before it is written by John Frusciante)

I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS SONG! It's about my long-time girlfriend, and now fiancée, Rhiannon. Show less
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