Raising Awareness of Autoimmune Diseases

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Raising Awareness of Autoimmune Diseases

Raising Awareness of Autoimmune Disease

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R. A. A. I. D. is an organization created by Weishendo Publications which is dedicated to Raising the Awareness of Auto-immune Diseases, by using multimedia as a platform to reach others.


Mr. Lewis story starts out on January 1st, of 1985 as he sat down one Saturday afternoon to watch a martial arts movie. Six years later he wrote down detailed notes of what would be the foundation of his principles and philosophy, which he called WEISHENDO (way of the active spirit). Having done what few people could only dream of doing, he went a step further. Mr. Lewis spent the next seventeen yrs. trying to understand the answers from a question that was given to him from his late grandmother. On December 21st, 2007 everything, started to make sense. Putting mind, body, and spirit into a meditative state for eight months, on July 31st, 2008 Mr. Lewis had reached the end of his journey by creating "The Principles & Philosophy of WEISHENDO", which he used to help start his own company which he called: Weishendo Publications. Little did he know his journey had only just begun. On August 8th, of 2008 Mr. Lewis met his future wife and co-founder, Lori Lynn Lewis.

From June 17th, of 2009, - to present: With the help of his lovely wife Lori, Mr. Lewis has written such works as "The Burly Man" (which tells the events that led to his diagnosis of two incurable disease called Polymyositis, and Lupus); and "The Principles & Philosophy of WEISHENDO Revised Abridged Edition", (to help him better understand himself and others.) It was during this time frame that Mr. Lewis, and Lori were married on July 25, 2009. Mr. Lewis has taken something negative and turned it into something positive by using his own techniques to help him fight against the illnesses that plagues his mind, body, and spirit. With the edition of his newly released third book, "The Divine Spear & Intrinsic Staff of WEISHENDO" (which is a special exercise book that he developed to help him maintain a better quality of life,) he has taken his art form to a whole new level by adapting it for others. He truly is a Modern Day Warrior.

In addition to his other works Mr. Lewis is also involved with, and has started organizations, in an effort to reach others. Such as: "R. A. A. I. D." (which is a cause founded by Mr. Lewis that helps to Raise The Awareness of Auto-Immune Disease.) The organization ''R. A. A. I. D.'' can be found on Facebook @: http://www.facebook.com/wei...

To learn more about Weishendo Publications, and Autoimmune Diseases please visit our other websites.

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