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That Fatal Lunch

301 views 10 months ago
A Poem..Destination unknown..

That Fatal Lunch.

Lines shimmer in the heat
The mirage is quite vague And we..
Under a parched brown almond tree
Baked by the autumn sun.
.... sit still ...like glacial stones ...

The colours of the land...
...roan...ochre ..lilac bands...
Rise wild and floating...scented
But we are numb to it.

Your words like angry onions brought a tear
But now my eyes are dry.

I stare at
Timber roofs..and candied lemon peel
A bowl of rosy medlars...eggs
A parrot stuffed with seeds.

A wasp is at the fruit
Sweet peaches ...melons
Between us ...silence..
Biting and unbroken.

The wine...
It tastes of quince slicing at the tongue
Your tongue had sliced
And so had mine.
No going back.

Old man spits out an olive stone
No Olive Branch for us..

We leave the rustic table.

The parting came quite easily
New days were waiting
On another shore
New dawns not so far away.

That village old and slumberous
Lives on without fiesta.

Kristine Byrne. Sept. 2013 Show less
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