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Dean + Castiel | Angel With A Shotgun

809 views 2 weeks ago
✘.. Don't you know,
you're everything I have? ..✘

Watch in 720p [HD] please!

I PRESENT YOU, MY OTP. AREN'T THEY PERFECT? So I've finished supernatural about 3 weeks ago, and I couldn't resist vidding them. I just love the chemistry Misha and Jensen have, and don't even get me started on Castiel's love for Dean. I know this song is overused, and I shouldn't be using it but this song is just too perfect to be left alone. It's like it's written for Destiel.

NOW, I want to dedicate this to Chris and Jeremy because they were really excited about this video and I just love these guys.

Jeremy: MY BEAR, your feedback was just really cute. And I hope you enjoy this video as much as you enjoyed the preview :) I really like you as a person, and you're always so nice to me and I can always to talk to you whenever I want, so I wanted to give you a little present for that :* ENJOY THE CHEMISTRY. (Too bad you're not into woman, *jk*)

Chris: I seriously believe that you would have slayed me if I had not finished this video, but HEY HERE IT IS! ;D Your feedback is always so positive, and it kinda gave me even more reasons to finish this. Chris I am really glad that I've asked you to collab with me, because if I wouldn't I wouldn't have met you, AND LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITY THAT THE WORLD IS MISSING OUT ON. You may pretend that you're a rude ass bitch, but I know that you love us, and I love you for that ;D


Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13
Watermark: DarkSecret
Fandom: Supernatural
Character(s): Dean Winchester, Castiel
Coloring: MYSELF :D
Song: Title of the video.
Dedication(s): Gytaket, lightningdisastro

Ask: Ask.fm/pluusmuis
Back-up: https://www.youtube.com/use...



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    ✘.. Don't you know,
    you're everything I have? ..✘

    Watch in 720p [HD] please!

    I PRESENT YOU, MY OTP. AREN'T THEY PERFECT? So I've finished supernatural about 3 weeks ago, and I couldn't resist vid...
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