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How to create a piktochart infographic easily

190 views 1 week ago
This video shows you how you can create a piktochart infographic quickly and easily.

Watch this channel to get quick tips (under 1 minute) on how to create infographics, from logging in, editing text/fonts, creating charts, special quick tips, editing layout that would really help you get the most of Piktochart, the infographic editor for non-designers.

That's the infographic we have created during the video filming: https://magic.piktochart.co... Show less
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User created videos about Piktochart Play

Do you want to create an infographic but no idea how? Take a look at some videos that users of Piktochart have created/reviewed about the app.

Most of the videos are in English but some of them are in Spanish and various other languages. Please go to www.piktochart.com to sign up for a free account and create easy infographics :)
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