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Phuket Top Team

MMA Training Thailand Commercial for Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp

144,229 views 1 year ago
A short & sharp commercial shot at Phuket Top Team over 1 day of training.
Phuket Top Team offers world class facilities open to all people of all ages, weights, genders and skill levels.
Phuket Top Team offers the highest level of MMA Training in Thailand.
We offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu here in Phuket, Wrestling, Boxing, MMA, Strength & Conditioning and of course Muay Thai all right here at Phuket Top Team in Phuket Thailand.

Phuket Top Team is the ideal location for any aspiring competitor for Bjj, Muay Thai, Wrestling or MMA. Our professional fight team is one of the strongest in Asia with many contenders, champions and fighters in Bellator, One FC, Dare FC, URCC, Legend FC and soon the UFC. Show less
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BJJ, Wrestling, Sambo & Judo Techniques from Phuket Top Team Play

A collection of Brazilian jiu jitsu, sambo, wrestling, submission grappling and judo techniques from Phuket Top Team coaches and guest pro fighters/trainers.
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