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Peter Capili Hansen

Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines two months after super typhoon yolanda (video by Peter Capili Hansen)

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Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines two months after super typhoon yolanda. Video by Peter Capili Hansen. Please notice that the first couple of pictures are from just right after the typhoon hit Tacloban. Humanitarian aid and mission with Angel Relief. http://www.angelrelief.org

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These videos are about Angel Relief's humanitarian aid and Missions. Angel Relief International is a Christian charity with a passion for helping the poor and hungry around the world and showing them the love of Christ.
Peter Capili Hansen is the founder of Angel Relief International. Peter is a christian motivational speaker and evangelist and has been speaking in public events and through television for more than 19 years.

Visit his website: http://www.angelrelief.org

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The Gospel Miracle Program With Peter Capili Hansen.

Humanitarian worker and christian public motivational speaker Peter Capili Hansen presenting powerful life-changing inspirational and motivational Bible devotionals and Commentaries. Short video lectures about successful lifestyle, Christian lifestyle, positive living, Bible devotions and basic theology commentaries and guide lines for success and personal development. Peter Hansen is the author of a powerful kindle book on Amazon. "7 Golden Keys to Successful Living". All revenue from this book will go to charity work through Angel Relief. You can buy it here:

Powerful practical faith based bible devotionals that will give you hope and faith and set you free.

Weekly Bible faith devotionals with Peter Capili Hansen. These programs were originally broadcasted on satellite cable television throughout Europe and Africa. Short Bible teachings on biblical truth and revelation in the Word of God. How to live a supernatural life with the fundamentals of the christian faith. Freedom to live a blessed life through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
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