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Invasive Animals CRC

Feral cats in Australia Play

Feral cats live, hunt and reproduce in the wild. They have the body shape, acute senses and fine coordination perfectly suited for stalking and capturing prey. These traits have allowed feral cats to adapt to some of Australia's harshest conditions and invade almost all parts of the continent. Cats probably arrived in Australia as pets of European settlers and were later deliberately introduced in an attempt to control rabbits and rodents. Cats now occupy 99% of Australia, including many offshore islands.

This series of videos gives a general introduction to the problem of feral cats in Australia and discusses their biology, impacts and control.

Feral pigs in Australia Play

Pigs arrived in Australia with the First Fleet and today feral populations inhabit around 40% of Australia. Feral pigs cause agricultural damage through predation of newborn lambs, reduction in crop yields, damage to fences and water sources, and competition with stock for feed by consuming or damaging pasture. They also are considered a major threat to stock as a potential carrier of exotic diseases.

This series of videos gives a general introduction to the problem of feral pigs in Australia and discusses their impacts in marsh and rangeland country, particularly the Macquarie Marshes region of central NSW.
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