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One to Remember - Summer - Petco Commercial

5,468 views 2 months ago
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Summer is finally here! So let's grab our copilots, get some wind in our hair, some sand between our paws, and co-create some adventures together. Because at Petco, we've got everything you need: from life vests, to doggy sunscreen, to ball launchers. Even ideas on how you and your companion can make this Summer one to remember.

Something extraordinary happens when pets and people connect. A unique bond is formed that results in something powerful, not only between pets and people, but in a way that makes the world a better place. Our promise is to nurture that relationship completely - mind and body.

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While having fun outdoors this summer make sure to take care of your best friend!
  • Top 10 Summer Safety Tips for Pets: by Petco

    • by Petco
    • 2 months ago
    Check out the top 10 safety tips for pets this summer by Petco.

    Since more pets are lost on July 4th than any other day, take lots of pictures. You'll want recent pictures in case you loose your ...
  • The Story of Kira the Service Dog: by Petco

    • by Petco
    • 2 months ago
    A brave dog's story. Kira is training to be a companion and service dog for a soldier returning home from war.

    Thank you to the US Armed Forces for your service and sacrifice, and to the service d...
  • Pet Safety - 4th of July Pet Party and Summer Tips: by Petco

    • by Petco
    • 3 months ago
    Summertime means fun in the sun with your pets! But before your adventure, check out these summer safety tips from Petco.

    We have you covered when it comes to fun in the sun, including: prizes, s...
  • Dog Agility Summer Games: by Petco

    • by Petco
    • 3 months ago
    "Go, Joe, go!" Petco is celebrating the athlete in every pet by hosting our own summer agility games! Join in the fun!

    Something extraordinary happens when pets and people connect. A unique bond i...
  • Dog Swimming - "Ollie Goes Swimming": by Petco

    • by Petco
    • 3 months ago
    It's never too late for older dogs to learn new tricks. Meet Ollie, a senior dog who just learned how to swim, and is now ready to splash around with his pals!

    Something extraordinary happens whe...
  • Catnip Trip: by Petco

    • by Petco
    • 3 months ago
    "Pumpkin on a Catnip Trip" ... Cats need a summer break, too! Join Pumpkin in her dream as she frolics through endless fields of catnip with her friends.

    Something extraordinary happens when pet...

Cat Breed Spotlight: by Petco Play

Petco asks professional breeders about their cats. It's the Cat Breed Spotlight!
Petco and The Weather Channel provide valuable information on top pet products!

Flea & Tick Tips: by Petco Play

When taking your pet outside, it's important to know how to deal with Fleas & Ticks, and Petco has you covered! Watch these informative videos so you're ready when these bugs bite!
People love Petco's commercials because of their ability to tell both heartwarming and inspirational stories about animal lovers and their companions. Please enjoy this selection of past and present Petco commercials - for your viewing pleasure!
Petco presents a series of heartwarming stories about extraordinary pets and their pet parents.
At Petco our associates are Great Ones who look at the complete care of their pets. Here is our salute to all of those loving pet parents out there!
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