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Oreo Cookie

Oreo Snack Hacks: Impulse Hack by Starry Kitchen

645,794 views 2 weeks ago
All you need is a corner store, @Oreo cookies, & a half-baked idea to make a mind-blowing dessert. Learn from all-around hack master Starry Kitchen's Impulse Hack.

Oreo Impulse Hack
5 Oreo Cookies
1 Snack-sized bag (1.75 oz.) of peanuts
1 Snack-sized (2.75 oz.) slice of pound cake
½ Cup diet cherry soda
1. Soften 5 Oreo cookies in soda for 30 seconds to 1 minute
2. Remove cookies and add to bowl (12 oz.). Save soda for later
3. Crush peanuts and tear pound cake. Add to bowl with cookies and mix together. Add more soda to mixture if needed.
4. Flip mixture onto plate and enjoy.

Tip: Line bowl with plastic wrap for easy release. Show less
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