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An Introduction to the Online Meditation Channel

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Discover the resources we've created for you here on the Online Meditation Channel.

Guided Meditations
Translated Meditations
Music for Relaxation
Meditation Challenges
Tutorials of different Meditation practices
A series of Meditation Tips
Mindfulness practices for your Classroom
Bring Calm into your office
Discover the work that we're engaged in around the world

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy the channel -

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Guided Meditations to Reduce Stress Play

A series of Guided Meditations (including an introduction) from 5 - 20 minutes helping you to Reduce the Stress in your mind.

You can take this 5 week course in your own time.

Here are all the different length meditations.

Start with 5 minutes and gradually increase the length of time as each week goes by - so by the 5th week you're practicing the 20 minute session...

With best wishes

How to Meditate - A Fourteen Day Meditation Program Play

Follow this 14 Day Meditation Program online here on YouTube.

The Mindful Bell Play

Translated into languages from across the planet.

A Mindful reminder every 10 minutes over a 2 hour period to bring in your focus and concentration -- as you go about your work...enjoy.

Loving Kindness, Guided Meditation Course. Play

A series of 4 meditations ranging from 5-20 minutes helping you to establish and develop the mind of Loving Kindness.

For any of our Meditations to be effective then we need begin by developing a peaceful mind.
In the first half of the Meditations we practice breathing Meditation.
Then with the mind pacified we practice the loving kindness Meditation.

Choose a length of Meditation that is suitable for you.

Find out more Meditation here on our website: http://www.mindspace.org.uk/shop.

Take an One to One Meditation & Mindfulness Class wherever you are in the world:

We recommend starting with 5 minutes and gradually increasing your capacity.
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