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[ Album ] Summertime Vibe [ Atoma Records ]

912 views 8 months ago
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Two summers in the making and it is finally done guys, really is such a breath of fresh air to finally be able to share the full album with you guys ! :).


01. Good Morning Sunshine - 0:00
02. Coast To Coast - 3:20
03. West Coast Drive - 7:14
04. Tourist Girl - 10:41
05. 1970 - 14:48
06. California Sun - 18:16
07. Meet Me In Cali' ( Collab' With Halcyon ) - 21:00
08. Love Won't Let Me Wait - 25:03
09. Lexi Laurel ( Collab' With Klrx ) - 29:43
10. Let us dream, let us sail away - 34:05
11. Rosemary - 37:00
12. Times We Had - 41:27
13. Last Breath Of Summer - 44:43

Summertime Vibe is a California inspired album , reflecting the many different feelings of summer. From blissful mornings to breathtaking sunsets, from rides along the coast to motel nights in the desert, "Summertime Vibe" aims to remind us of the everlasting moments we create during this beautiful season, or the ones we look forward fulfilling one day.

on a side note it will also be available in CD copys, again more details i would keep you guys posted in the comment section of this video :) stay tuned and enjoy the music.

Big huge thanks to Atoma records for helping me through this release :)
Huge shoutout to Halcyon and klrx for two beautiful collaborations ! :D
worth mentioning stupeflix for helping me through on some songs :D
shoutout to substax for mastering Good morning sunshine your the best ! :D

Cover art courtesy of Alec Hughes. THANKS MAN :D

P.s : Released on my birthday i turned 17 :D woooooo !


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Summer themed album composed by me :) ! stay tuned i will have CD copys ! :D expected to be released somewhere this summer ! Thanks
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