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Office of the Mufti

Ep 6 - Mertuaku Musuhku? (Monster-in-law?)

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Scheming mother-in-laws and heartless daughter-in-laws usually make up the main characters of your favourite 'sinetron' or drama series. And then you have the helpless, most of the time hopeless husband/son character who is always caught in between the struggle.

But the thing is, our life is not a drama series.

In-laws should not be seen as the 'enemy', but instead, your allies and people deserving of love and respect. What should exist is not suspicions and antagonism towards each other, but genuine care and concern. You are after all, now a family. If we believe that marriages are destined by Allah, then we should believe that our in-laws are also those whom Allah has chosen for us. So cherish and love them well.

So go ahead, watch your drama series. But please, don't take it from them on how you should be treating your in-laws. Instead, come click on the link and let Mufti tell you how wonderful that relationship could potentially be. Show less
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