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Odyssey Eurobeat

Kiss Me Kill Me / Odyssey [Eurobeat] (Discount in Read-More)

14,004 views 5 months ago
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I recently really hated forcing myself to do certain things with new productions, and I made a silly old-school eurobeat sketch to blow off some steam. That sketch kinda exploded. Oops.

Existing Eurobeat fans, this sounds a bit like "Stop Your Self Control" by Marko Polo with a splash of "Hi Hi Frankenstain" by Riki 1.

165 BPM, B Minor

(T. Stebbins)
I want a piece of you, just one bite
and that should be enough to get me through the night
Every drop of venom you release in me
is makin' you the person that I love you to be

Don't you think you've put me through enough
to get into your love?
It should be quite clear for you to see
I'll do what you need of me

Kiss Me Kill Me Catch Me Thrill Me
I just don't know what to do, to become your lover
Lift Me Drop Me Throw Me Stop Me
I can't stand the thought of you bein' with any other!

Your flavor satisfies everything
But then you had to turn around and clip off my wings
I can never have a simple kiss or hug but
something 'bout your love that I need like a drug
from Kiss Me Kill Me, released 23 February 2014
Music & Lyrics by T. Stebbins
Produced by Odyssey Show less
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