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Benjamin B

Alpha & Liink: Infinity - The End.

108 views 9 months ago
Well, I guess this is the end for both of us. We had a such a great time in this community, so many memories! Unfornately, this is the end, everything comes to an end. We decide to go in seperate ways due the fact that we don't have time to make videos and do youtube anymore. This is basically not fun anymore and the community has changed alot since we started. However, we want to thank every single person that has been there from the beginning, we had such a great time, it was unreal! We really hope that you guys enjoyed this last montage , and ofcourse, a big thanks to the one and only Raztore, he is not only an amazing editor, a big friend to both of us aswell, so thank you for making this possible! So this is basically it, thanks once again to everyone who made this possible. // Liink & Alpha.

The editor, Raz:
- http://www.youtube.com/user...

It's unreal how long we've been in this community, it has been so much fun. Here is everyone I want to thank specially, I'm really sorry if I forgot someone!

Michal (LiinK), Arne (Raztore), Jordan (Mole), Liam (Shawzy), Oscar(Dxcky), xToYSoLDiieR (Dan) Jakob (Teeqo), Kieran and Devin (Agony), Christian (CJ), Oscar (Bolaz), Hugo (Drezinal), Pontus (Teqn), Albin (Twinkie), David (HRTG), Dan (Dab), Bradley (Bradderzs), (SwinG).

And the old TeamZation!

Thank you once again

// Ben, Alpha. Show less
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