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Garbage Webcam Update

962 views 3 months ago
A quick video including:

- Why I've been so absent
- Is Oats Canadian or American?
- The hell did he say? Mamaimemen?


- College has been pulling me back quite a bit from making videos, along with my procrastination tendencies. I will try my best to post more content here after a few weeks from now, which will be finals and projects due.

- You'll see in the video.

- The group I'm helping establish is called the Man Made Maid Men. Look them up on Steam, should be the first group with at least a few hundred fun members. Some are crazy though, be warned. We're just a relaxed community who want to play games together. We also have a YouTube channel, which I will post along with some talented other channels in the description. SOMETIME soon.

Also how's it goin'?


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