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Expedition Chile: #OCEARCHVISION Part 1

4,534 views 3 months ago
Expedition Leader Chris Fischer leads the OCEARCH team out to the remote Juan Fernandez Islands. Watch as the team moves over 400 miles off shore in the first installment of the #ExpeditionChile video series.

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Expedition Galápagos Play

18th Expedition for OCEARCH

The goal of Expedition Galapagos is to determine the migratory routes of key species in the Galapagos Marine Reserve. It is vital to determine migratory and site fidelity patterns in order to design more effective zoning to determine whether these oceanic reserves are enough to maintain and recover threatened populations.

SPECIES: Tiger Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Silky Shark, Blacktip Shark,Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Rainbow Runner, and, Skipjack Tuna.

SCIENCE TEAM: Alex Hearn, PhD - Turtle Island Restoration Network, David Acuña Marrero - The Charles Darwin Foundation, Dr. Pelayo Salinas de Leon - The Charles Darwin Foundation, Heather Marshall, PhD Candidate -University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, Eduardo Espinoza & Yasmania LLerena - Galapagos National Park, Dr. Greg Skomal - MA Marine Fisheries.

COLLABORATING INSTITUTIONS: OCEARCH, Turtle Island Restoration Network, The Charles Darwin Foundation, Galapagos National Park, and, UMASS Dartmouth.

Expedition Updates - Cape Cod 2013 Play

Get updates from the OCEARCH crew as they work to tag 20 great white sharks in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Explorer's Log - Cape Cod 2013 Play

Get daily updates from Expedition Leader Chris Fischer. He will fill you in each day with the details of the day out on the water.

On the Spot - Cape Cod 2013 Play

Watch daily updates from the crew and science team. They will fill you in on the daily events aboard the M/V OCEARCH during Expedition Cape Cod.

Behind the Scene with OCEARCH Play

Costa Play

The way we see it, the best equipment in the world won't catch a thing if the waters are empty. Every ocean, river, lake and stream is a resource and a responsibility. If we want future generations to feel the snap of a fish on the line, we have to do our part, and do it now.
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