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Brooklyn Bounce - Bass Beats & Melody Reloaded (OverDrive Division Remix)

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The Official OverDrive Division Youtube Collection

Brooklyn Bounce - Bass Beats and Melody Reloaded (OverDrive Division Radio Mix) - Supremo-Videoedit
Mental Madness, 04.06.2010

Many thanks to Supremo for the edit of this video! He did a great work! Check out his Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user...

Check out the Supremo Video of "Bass, Beats and Melody Reloaded (Accuface Remix)"as well:

Buy this release for example here:

More information about OverDrive Division:
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OverDrive Divsion - Crazy (Single) Play

OverDrive Division - Crazy
Mental Madness, 06.05.2011

"Crazy" is the new sensation-causing drumbeat of OverDrive Division. The new single sounds fresh and innovative, but keeps the original OverDrive Division style.

Unlike in former singles, OverDrive Division included rap vocals in this song, rather than singing vocals. The producer and OverDrive Division mastermind Johannes Ripken collaborated with the young, talented rapper C.O.L.L from Norwich (United Kingdom) to record his lyrics and his flow on this 142 BPM fast Dance track. The result is pushing and convincing!
Another innovation is the style of the melody. Club Mix and Club Edit use the 'less is more' method to enable the hook chords to unfold their full power. The fans of the old melody style may resort to the Extended Mix and Single Edit, which tie to the old melody style.
Third, this song introduces a new bassline: unusual for Dance and HandsUp, it combines different bass sounds to a pushing and pumping bassline.

OverDrive Division recently got much attention through remixes for Brooklyn Bounce, Mad Flush, Pete Sheppibone, or Miradey. The new single release took quite long to be revealed though. Producer Johannes Ripken mentions: "I wanted to try something new with this single in the HandsUp music scene, which needed a lot of time, many ideas, much effort and trying. The result is now released as 'Crazy'. I am more than happy with this new song and looking forward to the release." The waiting was worth waiting, because the release is convincing and outstanding.
Next to the 'own' mixes by OverDrive Division, a couple of remixes contribute this release: Brooklyn Bounce (Dance), Gimbal & Sinan (House/Dubstep), and Quickdrop added their interpretations to the mix package.
The single with all mixes is released worldwide since the 6th May 2011 by the well known Dance record label Mental Madness.

Buy this release here:

You may find more news and information on the websites of OverDrive Division:
Homepage: http://www.OverDriveDivision.de
Facebook: http://facebook.OverDriveDivision.de
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/OverDriveDiv
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/OverDriveDivision
Youtube: http://youtube.OverDriveDivision.de
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