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None Like Joshua

Mr. Bill ft. NLJ - Slutteral Gump (Crazy Hip-Hop)

13,977 views 1 month ago
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A new collaboration with the glitch genius, Mr. Bill, for his new album, IRL, off of Section Z records! If you enjoyed it, hit the Like, Share, Comment below, and Subscribe for more. Thanks!

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Don't be
Don't be lonely
So please just

What you're saying is
You dont want to identify.
And what were playing is
another one for stimuli

cause everyday you
do the same but never want to try
so look away
we took a page
from the other guys

I can tell for sure you
Like the way we set the tone
We didnt sell a soul
wanting to be unforgettable

because youre stuck inside
wondering why among your mind
my funky rhymes are unrefined
so we got to go

it takes guts to make what - we combine
this aint nothin played for the summertime
My verse style is versatile versus how you
dont want
to be in
got to be
while youre

rocking the future the way we would do it
but sooner or later you got to be fluid to
moving and grooving and into the music
Im calling you out but you got to be stupid
To sit there
In a chair
So get over here and
sing with me now
And get out of your home

Don't be lonely

Yeah its like that
We play the right track
You say youll fight back
But you remain, confined and stagnant

retaining your mind from sadness
afraid of action
too late, as we establish

were breaking up out of the mold and
Waking the old and raking the gold
Forsaking the shame that we hold
Were changing the way you had stayed in control

Im playing the game - hoping to
Making a break - not praying for more - you
Lay and get bored - and wait for the moment that
Someone assuring you hate - to be -alone

Dont be
Dont be

What youre showing is
Youre prone to want to empathize .
Because my flow is [out of control]
But let me tell you why
rappers the same and
I know youve been waiting
A change in
The radio station
You cant even keep up with me

I can see you want to be
The king of what you own
We didnt sell our souls
wanting to be incredible

because youre
running outside to open your eyes
lovin the way
my crazy rhymes will make your mind

it takes guts to make what we combine
this aint nothin played for the clubbin kind
You wonder can this vunderkind be [one of a kind]

I wouldnt resign if I could try
Because you know youre mine

- but so what?
We roll up
Oppose us
Like dota
Cause were productive
Beats progressive
I see no less than
sing with me now
And get out of your home

Don't be Lonely
so please just go Show less
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