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[DooM OPL] 3 AM ON A SUMMER NIGHT (Morgue) from Shadowrun

100 views 2 weeks ago
My first FullHD upload ever.
If Youtube would just support more than 30 Frames.. Because it is recorded with my monitor's refresh rate, the half of the frames had to be dropped. Show less
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THE soundtrack of THE game. Depending on the hardware, everyone has his own memories of the first seconds of DooM. We had a Soundblaster, one of the cards using the YM3812, or OPL-2.
Soundtrack of id Software's game "DooM 2", but played back with an OPL-synth wich make them sound more DOS-DOOM like.

DooM and DooM 2 STEREO OPL Play

Due to hardware issues (we lost our SoundBlaster, faulty Jack-To-Jack cables,...) all the uploads were mono.
Some suffered hard, some less. Songs which rely hard on panning (or sound much better) will get a quick and dirty re-upload here.
An unexpectedly fun game with decent music and childhood memories connected to it.

HeXeN / Heretic OPL soundtrack

Hexen and Heretic - The games based on the DooM engine also featured OPL music beside the CD audio track.
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