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Ninja Neeks - Hello Big City, Goodbye Small Town [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (Prod. by Eulises)

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Two days I got into a near fatal car accident. I was hit at 88MPH by an incoming vehicle. Both cars were totaled, and I was rushed to the ER. Luckily, the injuries are minor and I should be healing up just fine. I wish the best for the others involved and hope them and the little girl in the car with them is in tolerable spirits.

The NEXT DAY, I get a speeding ticket in my rental car. I was adjusting to the pedal sensitivity and happened to go a bit over the limit and a cop got me on the radar. I was upset, but when I hit Santa Barbara...

I met a homeless man who asked me for spare change. All I had was a $5 Bill and so I gave it to him. As I walked away I heard yelling out "Thank you" and me and my girl turned around and noticed he was crying.

I immediately went back and asked him what his name was. His name was Rudy. He looked me in my eyes and said "Lifes been so hard...". Every single negative emotion I felt dispersed. On the spot. He touched my soul. I never felt a love so intense for a stranger. I hugged him and proceeded taking my woman out on a date.

Life is crazy. I wasn't going to release this music video for a while, but after yesterday...ive realized how short and unexpected life can be. Im learning so much about myself and my flaws and imperfections. Im embracing the pain ive been running from since a teenager.

The concept here is that in every persons life, a time comes where you have to grow up. You have to move on. You have to let go of the old habits, the old thinking patterns...the comparisons to your current life and your past.

Im going to let go of the anxiety. Im letting go of the fear. Im embracing the childlike optimism I had when I was younger and im going to live within EVERY single day to the fullest extent possible. If I can leave an example behind, it would be to embrace your TRUTH and live by it...in public, and when you're alone.

Share, Comment, Like, whatever you feel. I will respond to all comments, id love your guys feedback. Mike Porter did an amazing job in my opinion and we hope you enjoy these visuals as much as we enjoyed creating them.

GOD is GOOD, God is LOVE.

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Live Performances (w/Wu Tang Clan, The Game, Yelawolf, etc.) Play

I have done shows with members of the Wu Tang Clan (The Gza, Masta Killa and Inspectah Deck), Dr.Dre's brother Warren G, Eminem's SHADY records artists Yelawolf, The Game, Slaughterhouse, also some legends like Dead Prez, Jedi Mind Tricks, Pharoahe Monch, Souls Of Mischief, and also some new cats like Kid Ink and Lil B. And here is all of the proof and fun, wonderful experiences with the people I love most!

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