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Noel/Yeul {there is no other} for XionAina

573 views 7 months ago
(LR heavy spoilers)
For my very dear friend Aina :)

Spread a little joy by checking out her channel:

We've known each other for a while now! Actually it was through Caius/Yeul that we met, but here is a Noel/Yeul video for you since I know you like both pairings ;) I hope you like my video, my mom used to play this song when I was younger. Hopefully the Italian is spelled right haha... ^^' And I wish you a happy birthday! You are one of those people who are so easy to be friends with and so lovely to talk to :) I remember when the earthquake hit and I was so worried about you, reading about it in the newspaper before realizing that's where you live and then not getting contact for a while aarrg D: This reminds me that we talked on deviantart back then c':

And you always surprise me, it's inspiring to see someone grow as an editor :') Show less
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