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Nicolas Cusworth Media

Headspace: For Rent Play

Performed on May 3, 2009, "Headspace: For Rent" is a culmination of year of non-stop work and soul-searching. This was my senior thesis project in Integrated Arts for music and film, involving 5 pieces of original music and video compositions. The music, performed by a rotating group of 18 musicians, ranges from minimalistic avant-garde to sprawling big band-like jazz compositions, and everything in between. The video makes use of a lot of simplistic and repetitive imagery and is projected on three screens to allow for multiple images, actions, and characters to appear at once. The video in the final piece is performed along with the music by way of the computer program Jitter.

"Headspace: For Rent" is not a narrative piece, but it has a story and a narrative within it. It is a story of overcoming the structures we build inside ourselves and our lives that shield us from getting hurt but prevent us from living life to its fullest.

All music and video is original and the property of Nicolas Cusworth Media.

RT Philly Play

For all things related to RT Philly. RT Philly is a non-profit organization that seeks to bring to light the creative efforts of the Rooster Teeth web community and those connected with it through events, fundraisers, and other creative projects.

For more information go to www.rtphilly.com
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