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All 12 Estus Flask Shard Locations - Dark Souls 2

141,983 views 4 months ago
Guide to finding every estus flask shard in Dark Souls 2!
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1) Majula 0:00
2) Cardinal Tower Bonfire 0:22
3) Mansion Basement in Majula 0:58
4) No-man's Wharf 2:01
5) Lost Bastille 3:06
6) The Mines/Harvest Valley 4:08
7) Shaded Woods Ambush 5:01
8) Ornifex's Jail Cell 5:44
9) Before Prowling Magus 7:06
10) Chapel Threshold 7:45
11) Central Castle Drangleic 8:29
12) Shrine of Amana 9:45

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