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The Way Forward: NAA mediaXchange 2014 Opening Video

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In 2013, we focused on our transformation -- a fresh, confident and accurate representation of our industry, built on our strengths of local content, trust and engagement. Our media, content and audiences are unique and envied by competitors and ideal for advertisers. Ideal for new audiences to consider and enjoy.

We move ahead with self-assurance and momentum. We're generating new sources of revenue. We are attracting more print and mobile readers, creating innovative community events and engaging with new advertisers.

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NAA mediaXchange 2013 Play

Newspaper Association of America's annual conference, NAA mediaXchange, was held in Orlando, Fla., April 14-17, 2013.

API Transformation Tour: Teaching Moments and Testimonials Play

The Transformation Tour brings together the best of the American Press Institute and The Poynter Institute. Join the pioneers and practitioners of the newspaper industry for a transformative series of intensive workshops on new strategies for creating profitability and sustainability. At sites around the country, the industry's innovators and leaders are providing new approaches and implementation plans for the changes reshaping the news business.

Learn more at www.americanpressintitute.org/training/transformation-tour.a­spx

The 'My Newspaper' Project Play

In 2010, NAA surveyed thousands of newspaper readers about their connection/bond with their newspaper. After conducting hundreds of phone interviews, dozens of readers were interviewed in person. Together, these interviews make up the "My Newspaper" video project, featured at NAA's www.newspapermedia.com
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