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NEVER AGAIN - Schizo Doll (Lordi Cover)

774 views 4 months ago
New Lordi cover, we've chosen Schizo Doll from the album To Beast or not to Beast.

We decided to create this cover with the same reason of we're not bad for the kids, because nobody make a complete cover from this song yet.

There are no tabs, all this entire cover was made by ear and spending several hours creating the drum line and keyboard tracks,it was extremely difficult again, Hella and Mana are very good musicians, Mana make weird drum rythms in some parts, and Hella plays lots of difficult and variable lines, so i repeat, it was so hard to create, of course we couldn't create every sound from the original Schizo Doll song, but we tried to do our best, as always.

hope you like it and hope the entire Lordi band likes this cover, specialy Hella and Mana, 'cos they are they the new Lordi pupils and has the right to have our admiration too, and this is for them, enjoy it.


Recording & Editing Materials:
Audio Software: Line 6 Toneport UX2 and Podfarm
Audio Recording: Steinberg Cubase SX5 with EzDrummer for drums and Miroslav Philarmonik for Keyboards.
Guitars: Epiphone Gothic SG 400.
Bass: SGR Schecter C-4
Tuning: DGCFAD
Video Recording: Supratech SupraCam HD
Video Editor: Sony Vegas Pro 12 Show less
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