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Neon Jalapeño

Neon Jalapeño - Inkeye

127 views 7 months ago
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GENRE: Dubstep

COMPLETION DATE: August 12th, 2013

This song has a rather interesting story. It was originally produced and 'finished' during late May, but I found myself displeased with the end result. At the time, it was dull and overall static with very little change or progression. I tossed it in my 'abandoned projects' folder, and then proceeded to make Oxidation, which, as I said, is one of my most complex tracks. Then, after I put out my announcement video in which I revealed I was going to do a VIP mix of either Cynicism or Tyrant (Tyrant ended up winning), I went browsing through the old project files for those respective songs and ended up coming across this. After relistening, I saw that it was not good enough to release as-is, but had the potential to be a decent track. I proceeded to go poking and tinkering around with it, and this was the result. I guess, technically, it should be titled "Inkeye VIP," except I never released the original Inkeye, so it seemed a bit pointless to call it that.


The '140 BPM' EP is out now via Bandcamp. It contains four tracks, each at 140bpm (as if it wasn't obvious enough). Although all four tracks could be considered dubstep, I tried to have a decent bit of variety amongst them -- Tyrant is sort of a straight up banger, Oxidation is a dark, quasi-industrial take on the genre, Inkeye is noticeably more smooth than the others (although I'd be lying if I called it chillstep), and Tyrant VIP is essentially a more modern and clean-sounding twist of the original. The EP is priced at $2 (although you can spend more if you're feeling generous), but a free download for the EP is included in the description.


'Inkeye' was mixed by myself and mastered by Jonathon Krall, also known as Flaedr. Show less
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