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Robert Nemet

Dead Darkness Secrethunter #1

6 views 6 hours ago
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In this first episode, I look for secrets. And when I can't find the one I wanted, I start seeing a couple new things!
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This series contains a list of 2-4 person collab videos including myself averaging to about 20-30 minutes long. In the videos, we play random horror games with some form of scoring system (item collecting, survival time, etc) and we must race (or run for our lives) to see who can collect the most items or last the longest time without dying or losing the game. Whoever lasts the longest is declared the winner for that video. Players with equal scores will cause a draw or in certain situations the winner can be decided by another factor.

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Since purchasing this game back in October 2013, I've enjoyed every minute of playing this game (even during bad sessions). I have since turned the best moments that happen in this game into a long running series of highlights that show the funniest, serious and downright awesome parts of my time playing this game. If this series stays popular, it will be following the game as it develops and a new episode will be guaranteed sometime after each patch. I record every session I do of this game and I play with Robert Nemet, THEbigNOOBS and anyone else who would like to join us in our fun.

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