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Awesome Legend of Zelda Song with vocals and lyrics 2014 Wii/WiiU HD

371 views 1 month ago
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This song is named "you never walk alone" it's from us, Naviára for you, the Zelda fans all over the world and it celebrates it's 10th anniversary - so it is time to do a remix. We added more cinematic drums, Hollywood style Brass & string sections, also the video is a bit different from the original - we think it fits better... Hope you enjoy our new Version of this great Zelda song,

This is the new and final version of our video clip with alternate HD movie scenes from the awesome Nintendo Wii game "Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess". We`d like to say thanks to all Zelda fans, who traced after our song made in 2003 for the Nintendo Windwaker contest, and supporting us in this way. It took us 3 days for playing and to render all this nice cutscenes, some own ingame performances are also included. We hope you like our video. The story in the video follows the story of the game..

~ Lyrics - You never walk alone ~


calls out for me
it's where I see
my destiny
the wind whispers
my name

there is a path
follow your heart
bring light
into the deepest dark
there is a chance
I believe
in you

wherever you go
I want you to know
I stand by you
you never walk alone


na nananana naa ...


I hear an ancient melody
like rising from a fantasy
the wind is singing
an old song
to me..

No wait until
the gates are passed
and mystery
will come so fast
over you
and over me....

wherever you go
whatever it takes
you will survive
you never walk alone


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