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Solving your way through languages & codes: the International Linguistics Olympiad

1,006 views 1 month ago
How good are you at solving puzzles? Learning languages? Cracking codes? Test yourself as you puzzle out the tricky problems these linguists and mathematicians have put together. Stop memorizing words, symbols and answers, and start letting those brain gears turn!

Let's get animated about the International Linguistics Olympiad (ioling.org) and problem solving in general! And then subscribe for to keep learning about language and thought!!

For more conceptual stuff along the lines of thinking and problem solving, check out my "What's the pattern here?", "What else fits the pattern?" and "What happens if the pattern's wrong?"

Is watching too much fun for you? Read instead:

Art, audio, music and animation by nativlang
Pics from morguefile.com
Most sound fx from pdsounds.org Show less
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Figuring Language Out - on my mind lately Play

Let's talk about the crazy things we call language. Give me a few minutes, and I'll wrap your mind around an offbeat question or a simple topic that's running through my head. Foreign languages, brains thinking with words, symbolic logic, programming languages, Koko the gorilla - if it's using systematic communication, it's up for grabs!

These are my latest works. I sometimes test out new ideas (like the "top 9" lists) to get a feel for what you guys like. I'll spin some of these off into their own playlist once this one bulks up a bit, assuming you enjoy the content.

The Eavesdropping Traveler Play

Travel with me as we explore the quirks of a destination through the words and sounds of its languages.

Each video is a short "language and travel" vignette, focusing on a single destination. See how a simple feature of a local language can open up a window to the history and culture of places near and far!

What is human language? - Big questions. Quick overviews. Play

Major ideas about human language. If you have a few spare minutes, join me for a tour of any one of these big questions:

What is language, and what are languages?
What's the difference between a language and a dialect?
How do you know if someone's using "bad grammar"?
Where is language in the brain?
Do people who speak different languages think differently?
Is language an acquired skill or an innate ability?
What is meaning?
What is linguistics?
What is logic?
What is the relationship between language and reasoning?

Some future videos in the works:
What do abstractions, analogies and errors have to do with how we learn to think and speak?

I want each one to look better than the last. It takes time to get these just right, but more are on the way!
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