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British Nationalist Review

British Nationalist Review - Banned BNP Broadcast 2014

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All the spongers of the Earth

Come here to have a ball

Bet you're glad you've been 'enriched'

Our taxes pay for all.

Some come here to take our jobs,

They tell us it´s OK.

And others come and sign on -

We Brits just have to pay!

It's time for hope and action

To set our people free.

Tell em all just where to go

By voting BNP!

Some come for operations

And some to steal and beg.

Our pot is here for everyone

With no feathers and two legs

All sorts of backward cultures

Around our country roam

Refusing to adopt to our ways

It's time to send them home!

They give them homes and benefits

Great place for them to be.

But just who gets to pay the bill?

You guessed! That's you and me!

There's some who prey on children

From takeaways and taxis

While some sell the Big Issue

Some kill with knives and axes.

As long as you have two legs

And don't have any wings

They'll welcome you to Britain and

They'll give you lots of things.

They say they're just 'minorities'

No need to make a fuss.

But if you don't help turn things round

The 'minority' will be us!

Nationalist Review is in association with the Nationalist Media Network. Set up in 2012 we are an independent, campaign, research and advocacy network based in the UK.

We cooperate with other Nationalist groups & individuals where such cooperation is likely to further our mutual aims.

We work with different organizations from British and non-British backgrounds, to campaign for justice for British peoples regardless of their confessional or political background.

Our research work includes submitting reports, writing articles, monitoring the media, catalogue crimes and producing papers on Anti-British hate crime.

The aims of Nationalist Review and the Nationalist Media Network are:

1. To champion the rights & duties of British peoples as human beings.

2. To promote a new social order, based on truth, justice, righteousness, & generosity, rather than selfish interest.

3. To demand virtue & oppose wrongdoing in the exercise of power (from whatever base that power derives - e.g. political, judicial, media, economic, etc.).

4. To gather information about, & to publicise, atrocities, oppression, discrimination, & other abuses of divinely-granted rights.

5. To campaign for redress, & to support the victims, of such crimes.

6. To campaign to bring the perpetrators & their accomplices to justice.

7. To cooperate with other Nationalist groups & individuals where such cooperation is likely to further the achievement of these aims.

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