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Jeff Greason ISDC 2011 Keynote Address - A Settlement Strategy for NASA (42 min.)

10,620 views 3 years ago
Jeff Greason, President of XCOR Aerospace and member of the Augustine Committee (Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee) established by the White House in 2009. The Committee concluded that "the ultimate goal of human exploration is to chart a path for human expansion into the solar system." Greason's Awards Banquet Address at the 2011 National Space Society International Space Development Conference is widely regarded as a major statement in the field of space policy. This talk was given on May 21, 2011. 42-minute video. For a transcript of this talk and for more 2011 ISDC videos see
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Space Solar Power Play

Videos about space-based solar power. In this concept, solar energy is collected in space where it is abundant, and beamed safely to Earth via microwaves or infrared laser light.
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