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  • This was really cool. Your pictures really worked to create the message you wanted. I liked that you used some signs and symbols as representations of sadness, direction etc. Also, nice cliffhanger ending. Good job

    digital storyboard

    digital storyboard
  • The pictures were very vibrant and colorful, that was great. Also, I thought that the music was very upbeat and fun. Very cute story, I agree that it feels very Dr. Suess-like.

    Read Aloud! The Hikleburr Race

    This is a Read Aloud done by Mrs.Reid. It can be used to help with student comprehension, decoding, and vocabulary. This is an example of a digital Story that can be used in the classroom. It is a...
  • Nice work on the photos! I liked the effect you used to make them blurry, but still visible so that the kids can guess. I think that is a really good way to keep it interactive for those that are watching. Good job!

    (by the way, the adorable Asian child laughing is my favorite)

    The World of ABC

    This was my class project for Elementary Education :)
  • I love the effect of the chalk board. It is a very creative idea and it fits the "school/education" feel. The story was fun too and I thought that the music during the part where the spoons are discovered missing was very dramatic and funny :). Good job.

    And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon- Digital Storybook 2

    This is an original digital storybook by Lana Poppleton. Enjoy!
  • Well guys, I did what I could and unfortunately, could not get my mic to stop having static. Sorry about that, I hope you can still understand it.


    • 2 years ago
    Digital Storybook
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