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Nuno Bajanca

Snow Motion

339 views 1 year ago
100% filmado com GoPro. Aluga uma em http://alugarumagopro.pt

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On Vimeo: http://bit.ly/SnowMotion_Vimeo (where you can download the video)

Ski: Elodie Kalchofner & Nuno Bajanca
Snowboard: Aline Kalchofner

Recorded with GoPro Hero 2
Place: Flaine, France (Grand Massif Ski Resort)
Edited by: Nuno Bajanca

Music: "Daybreak (GoPro Hero3 Edit)" by OVERWERK
I don't own the background music, Just enjoy the show and if you like the music go to the band's facebook where you can get it for free:
http://bit.ly/OVERWERK_Dayb... Show less
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