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Jay Z and Beyonce divorce after On the Run tour ends? Blue Ivy expresses doubt

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Jay Z and Beyonce’s baby, Blue Ivy, has just grown out of her diapers, yet gossip rags are already sick of their picture perfect rock-star-family image.

So, no better time to sully the Z’s wholesome name with some totally unfounded rumors of infidelity and an impending divorce. Lets talk about it some more and propagate the rumor while we’re at it, shall we?

Fans of the super star hip hop and R n’ B mega couple have been treated to a more-personal-than-ever look at their favorite stars throughout their 2014 On the Run tour.

But their on-stage affection hasn’t quashed rumors that the couple is preparing for a super-split. It started with Jay Z getting smacked by Beyonce’s sister in the elevator last month. And has Beyonce been dropping hints at Jay Z’s infidelity with improvised lyrics like “She ain’t half of me; that bitch will never be”?

The supposedly unrehearsed theatrics refer to an affair Jay Z has carried on with comparatively-less-iconic R n’ B songstress, Mya, whom Z may now be supporting financially. I guess he can’t bare to watch her languish in the 3% tax bracket.

Now rumors are creeping ever closer to the front page. The world awaits with bated breath. Is it true that the couple is finished as soon as On the Run tour ends? Will Beyonce leave Jay Z? Has their whole marriage been a sham to sell records? Who will get custody of Blue Ivy? People in Syria and Gaza are dying to know!

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