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Career Advice & Professional Development Play

Aerospace practitioners from NASA and around the world share their insight into how they started their careers, how they developed and grew, the importance of mentorship, and key moments and experiences that have shaped their careers.

International Space Station Play

The International Space Station (ISS) is the creation of eighteen international partners, whose hardware and systems often came together for the first time in orbit, and serves as a model for future human exploration missions, which undoubtedly will be dependent upon international collaboration on a global scale. Leaders and engineers from NASA and abroad discuss what it takes to successfully collaborate on an international stage.

Space Shuttle Program Lessons Learned Play

The Space Shuttle Program began on April 12, 1981 and ended thirty years later. Hailed as one of the most complex feats of engineering to ever fly, the lessons learned from the program and the people who worked on it live on for the next generation of explorers. This playlist contains video of practitioners who lived through the failures, successes, and challenges of the development and operations of this storied program.

Storytelling Play

One of the most effective ways to share information and knowledge is through telling stories. The practice of storytelling provides context and meaning in a way that is difficult to capture in a database. This playlist captures a variety of stories from engineers, scientists, historians, astronauts, and project managers.

Systems Engineering Play

NASA's vision and mission necessitate that its workforce is ready and able to lead the world in space exploration, scientific discovery, technology development, and managerial excellence. Systems engineering has been identified by NASA leadership as a critical core competency in enabling current and future mission success. The NASA Office of the Chief Engineer (OCE) has responsibility for implementing an effective systems engineering strategy across NASA. OCE has aligned and integrated the following systems engineering framework.

Masters with Masters (Full Video) Play

The Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership presents Masters with Masters, a series of Web-based learning videos that bring together master practitioners to reflect on their experiences, lessons learned, and thoughts about upcoming challenges.
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