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Just Play: "Bring More to Life" Public Service Announcement (PSA) for NAMM Foundation (2014)

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The "Just Play" campaign underscores NAMM Foundation's year-round initiatives designed to create more active music makers, including scientific research on the benefits of making music, grants to music making non-profit organizations, the Museum of Making Music, publicizing musical success stories from everyday music makers, and inspiring ways in which music makes people's lives better.

TV station programming directors looking to play the PSA on air and NAMM Members who would like to play the PSA in stores can request a high-resolution, downloadable version from the NAMM membership or PR department.

To learn more about the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) and the NAMM Foundation, please visit NAMM.org, NAMMFoundation.org.

NAMM envisions a world in which the joy of making music is a precious element of daily living for everyone; a world in which every child has a deep desire to learn music and a recognized right to be taught; and in which every adult is a passionate champion and defender of that right.

Spot produced in collaboration with Pia Communications http://piacomm.com/
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What Makes Music Education Great in Your School Contest Play

The NAMM Foundation and the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus invited 2014 Best Communities for Music Education faculty advisors and SupportMusic Merit award schools to submit a video that answers the question: What Makes Music Education Great in Your School? Videos featured interviews with students, teachers, and school administrators who are enthusiastic about music education in their school or district.
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