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PK and DK

PK and DK LIVE! 4.16.14 - 5P(PST) 7(CST) 8(EST)

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Join us LIVE at: 5pm (PST) 7 (CST) 8 (EST)

Watch I Listen I Chat I Podcast: www.PKandDK.com

For the West Coast commute, plug your phone in and listen live. All the info to watch, call, listen, podcast: www.PKandDK.com


-I happen to LOVE it... you might hate it... a lady sings at a convention and the audio is AWESOME.
-PK/DK's Top 5: Things I just don't get about women.
-Denise says NO to me buying Google glass :(
-A cab driver had a chick passenger come on to him. He recorded it. You hear it.
-Denise goes off on some Bitter Bitches in "One Minute inside DK's Head."
-Hate your job? What people are saying in the worlds toughest job.
-PK's Work Out FAIL.
-Point/Counter: TV. Who in your house gets the remote? Do you watch separately? We constantly fight over her BAD taste in television

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The adventures of PK and DK!

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