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Bach-The Art of Fugue- Contrapunctus 1

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Bach:The Art of Fugue- Contrapunctus1.
Performed by Concordia on early instruments.An expressive performance. THIS VIDEO BELONGS TO THE BBC. Show less
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Eroica (the movie). Play

It is 9 June 1804. At the palace of Prince Lobkowitz, Beethoven is conducting the first performance of his Third Symphony, the Eroica. And through this film we attend the performance.
Eroica was directed by Simon Cellan Jones, and the Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique is lead by John Elliot Gardiner.
Ludwig van Beethoven is performed with spirit by Ian Hart. He rejoices, he becomes sad, he catches fire, casting looks - severe or rougish - and his anger all show a very endearing and appealing Beethoven.
Haydn has the last word. When speaking of the music, he concludes: "From today, everything is different".

Beethoven: String Quartet No.10 in E (Op.74) Play

Music is performed all out through. Each movement of the four, shows a different chapter of Beethoven's life through acting and dancing.

Performed by the "Claudel Quartet"; Elaine Marcil (1st violin), Marie-Josee Arpiv (2nd violin), Annie Parent (viola), Jeanne De Chantal Marcil (cello). And Pascal Contamine as Beethoven.
Directed by: Bernard Herbert.

Byrd: Mass For Four Voices Play

William byrd's Mass for 4 voices, it consists of 6 movements: 1-Kyrie, 2-Gloria, 3-Credo, 4-Sanctus, 5-Benedictus, 6-Agnus Dei.
The Tallis Scholars, directed by Peter Phillips
Tessa bonner
Janet coxwell
Salley Dunkley
Deborah Roberts
Caroline trevor
Patrick craig
Michael lees
Stephen taylor
Andrew carwood
Julian podger
Nicolas todd
Christopher Watson
Donald creig
Francis steele
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