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Orla Gartland

Orla Gartland :: CLUELESS (official video)

125,919 views 8 months ago
'Clueless' is track 2 of #RootsEP which is available to download from iTunes worldwide now! - http://itun.es/gb/FlDTP

I'm going on a UK/Ireland tour next February! Can't wait to play songs for you then smother you in ginger lovin' when I come out to say hi after each show!

February 2014
13th - BRISTOL
16th - LEEDS
17th - GLASGOW
19th - LONDON
21st - BELFAST
22nd - DUBLIN (sold out)
23rd - CORK

Snatch your tickets up soon! :) Can't wait. Tickets: http://www.orlagartland.me/...

BRAND NEW :: access the "ROOTS REWARDS" - oooh. Access some exclusive content including the secret scrapbook, with the song meanings to all the E.P tracks - http://www.orlagartland.me/...

Grab one of the limited tickets to my online E.P release part this Sunday: http://www.stageit.com/orla...

My Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Orla...
My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Orl...

(The guitar riff for the verse requires a little bit of messing around the A, D & G strings, but the bass notes for the riff are B, C, G, F# - TAB HERE: http://tinyurl.com/RootsEPC...)

When I catch your reflection I see daggers in your smile
There's a cruelty in your face I haven't seen for a while

(Continue on with verse riff)
And I placed my trust in your hands
But you threw it to the wind

And I should have seen it coming
'Cause now I feel the sting
C - D
- say you're sorry -

OH - you got me
D - Em
OH NO - you got me again
D - G
OH NO - it can't be
D - Em
OH NO - it never ends
C Em - D
There's no excuses, to be clueless
OH ..you got me,
D - Em
OH NO, you got me again

(verse riff!)
If I could twist back the clocks then I wouldn't give you one last try
I was tangled in your web but I thought you wouldn't hurt a fly

(verse riff!)
And I feel a lump, in my throat
and my heart picks up its pace
'Cause you wouldn't know a good thing
..if it slapped you in the face
- say you're sorry -

C - D - Em
No more chances, this is it
C - D - Em
There's no more answers, now I quit x2
C - D
Say you're sorry



Hey. Pssssssst! It's me down here. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support over the last few weeks. Releasing my first EP is a crazily big deal for me; I spent so long waiting for things to happen, now everything seems to have taken speed &it's the most exciting thing. Massive hugs to everyone who has shown support EVER! Soppy ginge. Also.. does anyone even read this far down? If you've read this, leave the words "ginger whale" in your comment. LOL. Also, here's a lil' challenge for ya: comment below with how many times you can spot the EP release date - 11/11 - hidden in this video..

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