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Lacy Antonio

Suddenly Seymour "LSOH" Duet By James & Lacy

301 views 1 year ago
Hey There YT buddies!

well its been a LONG while since i did a duet with anyone and I am Super happy to say that james & I got this chance! My First duet with him!

Please give only Constructive critisicm...Although i know james has had Lessons I have not and have lots to learn! ^^

Now as far as my take on Audrey... well i just wanted to make her my own instead of trying to copy the Legendary Ellen Greene*which cant be done BTW* And for some reason i cant get clean audio when using video at the same time and since james did his all in a take i didnt want to lip sync. Make me feel cheap! lol i guess. :-P and for the wig...well yeah its the only bob hair do i had...it was purple or Pink.. all the blonde wigs i have are for like Mae west type!

SO yup enough rambling THanks for stopping by please sub to his channel here:
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