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Munawar Ahmed

* Hero of Pakistan Mun@WAR "No Pain, No Gain" Video Documentary 31 Dec 2013 Lahore, Pakistan

1,414 views 5 months ago
Hero of Pakistan Mun@WAR "No Pain, No Gain" Video Documentary - HD 1080p Video Sharing
Produced by Mun@WAR
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Hero of Pakistan Mun@WAR "No Pain, No Gain."
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Its my 6 Years efforts for SME's Development of my beautiful Country Pakistan, and my love with my God and his Creation.
In this short film try to show my country Pakistan Natural beauty, i.e. Lakes, rivers, landscapes and snowfalls as well try my best how to promote our Tourism department to show events like Jeep Rally.
I also shows our students, kids, and the Universities of Pakistan.
Few sectors like dairy, Fashion, wedding, and business women of Pakistan.
i also show the leaders of Political parties of Pakistan.
I also show the Expos and International training of Pakistan.
I am thankful to my organization SMEDA.ORG and Virtual University Pakistan Walton Campus Team, because lot of recording I did this with both Organizations.
I love to work on beautiful Nature of God Which is my Hobby, Which gives me a lot of energy and refreshes my mind, heart and Soul.

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I have ability to capture the flowers of Land to Flowers of Sky.
My favorite music is sweet voices of Birds, movie is The Beautiful Nature of God, which inshalha I will make myself in near Future and my favorite book is "Whole Universe of God."

People's Feedback.
Finally! A Pakistani who's proud of his country.Knew there would be good people like you out there. Keep up the good work man!

You have really done great work. i am thankful to Allah that the people like you are still in Pakistan. carry on your work, and i will pray for your success.

Your passion is very inspiring... and you are proof that there is no replacement for attitude! A lot of people with expensive equipment produce nothing!!!! InshAllah, you will see further success!! Aameen!
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16 Sharaz Villaz Road, Street # 6, Cavalry Ground Extension, Lahore, Cantt
Lahore, Punjab 54810
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Virtual University Pakistan (Studying MIT)
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At CNN: MY Image of Supermoon selected as super-creativity shot (click on image no. 19) [Super Creative Moon image is also attached with this email]

I photographed the Supermoon in Lahore, Pakistan. "I love to work on the beautiful nature of God, and capturing beautiful effects is my hobby, which gives me a lot of energy and refreshes my mind, heart and soul.


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1894 Subscribers of my utube Channel.
170+Plus Countries/Regions views my Videos in a month.
80,000+ Plus videos views per month.

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