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Everything you need to know about The Order 1886

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"The Order: 1886" is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The Order: 1886 was announced at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo event.
It's expected to release later this year (2014).


The focus of the game is on four main characters. Below, I will give a short description of each, starting with the main man, Grayson, who dons the title of Sir Galahad.

Galahad is one of the most renowned, respected and skilled knights of The Order, having fought the half-breed menace for centuries. Despite his longstanding loyalty to The Order, he is beginning to question his role in the war between half-breeds and humans. Other than this.. we don't know very much, really. There really isn't that much info out there about Grayson.

Next up is Sebastian Mallory. His name might ring a bell, and rightly so if it does, because he's a descendant of Thomas Mallory, who I mentioned near the start of the video. Sebastian in-game takes up the mantle of Sir Percival. He's a close friend of Grayson, who sees him as a mentor, as Mallory is not only the most seasoned veteran in Grayson's squad, but also one of the best knights in The Order's history.

Third in Grayson's squad is the Marquis de Lafayette. Unlike the others, Lafayette hasn't adopted an original knight's name as an alias as he is still an apprentice rather than being a fully fledged knight. However, this doesn't mean he's a rookie - far from it. Lafayette is a real man from history known for fighting in the American and French Revolutions. In The Order: 1886's Universe, his actions brought him to The Order's attention, and he was in turn recruited by Mallory to aid their cause. His travels around the world give him a largely differing perspective to those of his fellow Order members, and his sense of humour is accompanied by a vast strategic and tactical knowledge that is invaluable to the group.

Lastly but most certainly not least is Isabeau D'Argyll, who goes by the name of King Arthur's mother, Lady Igraine. Her relationship with Galahad began when she was his knight in training and the two have since grown close, though The Order stands between anything ever happening between them. Alongside her fondness for Galahad, there's also a subtle rivalry, one always wanting to outdo or impress the other. She may look extremely young, but her looks are deceiving, for she is much older than appearances suggest, a product of The Order's use of Black Water.

That's what we know about our four main characters. Going against the same old video game grain that we're used to, The Order are not necessarily the good guys. Ru, who I mentioned earlier, from Ready at Dawn, speaks of how, for example, someone like Batman is only so famous a character because his villains are chaotically dynamic, and inherently interesting - they make Batman worth paying attention to. The same thinking, he believes, can be applied to The Order: 1886 - it isn't necessarily a story of a morally good-by-default protagonist who undergoes some hardship and comes out on top as the player believes they should - but rather, it is an exploration into a three sided war, a war in which we are not given a choice, at first at least, as to what side we stand by, and instead through the story will learn if we condone or perhaps abhor our own characters' actions.

There are plenty of sides to the game, but not much has really been revealed so far. Real people from history (maybe, for example, Jack the Ripper) will be littered throughout the game to help or oppose Galahad and his comrades, which will give the experience even more of a grounding in reality despite the supernatural elements to the story that Ready at Dawn have concocted. It's certainly an interesting premise and combined with the amount of work that has gone into making the game look absolutely beautiful, and London look dreadfully real, and broken, and smelly, I can't wait to hear more about it. Show less
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