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  • @SirBasildeBrush Coming back to Pipeline, although The Chantay's version hit the charts, it don't hold a candle to the Eagles version. I've always found the arrangement constricted and too fast, and their intro is too lame and uninspiring. But compared to The Eagles version here, with its perfect arrangement, played at the right tempo and with that mesmerizing intro!! The closest any instrumental group could get to The Shadows!! Still can't fathom why they never became more popular! Peace.

    The Eagles - Pipeline

    *STEREO*. The Eagles play a very credible version of the surf standard "Pipeline", from 1963.
  • 【ひま】WAVEFILEを踊ってみた【fullver.】

    ぴぴぴ♪ ☆Hima☆

  • 【ひま】天まで登れ!を踊ってみた

    ハロプロ研修生 feat.Juice=Juiceの天まで登れ!です♪
    大好きな曲なので踊ってみました☆ ☆Hima☆

    参考動画:ハロプロ研修生 feat.Juice=Juice様

  • Wow!! This is awesome and definitely one of your best!! Your outfit is perfect and you are simply adorable!! Keep it up!! Can't wait for your next one!! All the best, Hima

    【ひま】メランコリックを踊ってみた【C.S.Portリアレンジ ver.】

    メランコリック第2弾です!頑張りました~っ♪ ☆Hima☆


    2011/11/23 第1弾
    【ひま】メランコリックを踊ってみた【NICOLE ver.】
  • 【ひま】教えて!!魔法のLyricを踊ってみた

    参考動画 Yumiko様
  • Happy birthday Hima!!



    優しい目でみてくれたら嬉しいです ☆Hima☆

  • Charlotte has looks that simply mesmerises, especially with that captivating smile!! Her singing style is so unique. She has so many fantastic songs. Is it any wonder she is so loved by so many. I have always found her simplicity so attractive. In this video, the pillow sequence at 2.34 - 2.41 is absolutely gorgeous!! Charlotte, you are a terrific artist!! Thank you darling!!

  • Wow!! This is amazing!! You are a delight!! Keep them coming!!

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  • 【ひま】PONPONPONを踊ってみた

  • 【ひま】ワクテカ Take a chanceを踊ってみた

    参考動画:モーニング娘。 『ワクテカ Take a chance』 (Dance Shot Ver.)
  • 【ひま】CLAP HIP CHERRY を踊ってみた

    参考動画 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm18829081
  • 【ひま】One・Two・Threeを踊ってみた

    あゆみんパート踊ってみました♪ ☆Hima☆
    参考動画:モーニング娘。 「One・Two・Three」 (Dance Shot Ver.)
  • 【ひま】サディスティック・ラブを踊ってみた

    頑張ったど~❤\(^o^)/❤ ☆Hima☆
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  • @sPzB41 Very true. And yet, in this instance, note that at around 7.50-7.53 you can see Blondie holding Tuco's Navy at various angles which clearly shows that the chambers are also empty. Whether or not it was a mistake which was overlooked during filming, Tuco never seemed to have noticed the weight difference here.

    The Good The Bad and the Ugly - Duel Finale (HQ)

    The duel at the end of Sergio Leone's grand trilogy, Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo, featuring Blondie (Eastwood), Tuco (Wallach), and Angel Eyes (Van Cleef) with the masterful music of Ennio Morr...
  • For Pete's sake!! You pious lot!! Enough of all this religious shit!! This is Morricone territory for Morricone fans with something to say regarding his brilliant music!! Not this bible bashing crap!! Keep your religious beliefs to yourselves and stop using it as a weapon to destroy each other!! Haven't you lot done enough in the past? Leave this site!! For Morricone fans only !! Get a life!! Not everyone shares your naive sentiments!!

  • Тест Canon EOS 1100D

    Музыка: Earth Groove - Ron Carnel - North Gate.
    Делал видео, с камерой Canon EOS 1100D.
    Работал с фотообъективом: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 III (без IS !!!).
    Редактировал с программой: Magix Vid...
  • Desde que la escuche por primera vez en 1960, esta es la cancion mas conmovedora que yo he escuchado en mi vida. La parte del entierro aun logra llenarme de tristeza. Yo ahora tengo 59. No habra nadie que la cante como esta gran artista con esa voz tan poderoza y penetrante.

    Niña de Antequera - Ay mi perro (+ letra, + lyrics)

    • by HuRoPo
    • 6 years ago
    En el Coto Dońana han matao, mataron mi perro.
    A una cierva entre la verde jara el iba siguiendo.
    Por los contornos de Andalucía
    No había otro perro como mi perro,
    Ay, qué bonito cuando saltaba...
  • @humbertinprivate Muchas gracias. Pues el interprete del silbido tiene un nombre muy facil de recordar - Allessandro Allessandroni. Aparte de contribuir su silbido en las dos primeras peliculas de 'Dolares', tambien es el mismo musico que toca la guitarra electrica durante esos dos temas principales. Si deseas saber el musico de la harmonica en 'Once Upon a Time In The West', es Franco de Gemini. Me alegro que reconozcas el poder musical de Morricone. Para mi siempre sera el mejor.

    Ennio Morricone - El Bueno, el Malo y el Feo (Duelo final y tema principal)

    Conocida película del oeste cuya banda sonora es aún más conocida. Las intervenciones de las trompetas son realmente impresionantes.
  • I saw this movie when it was released in London in November 1971. Watching it today on DVD still mesmerizes me as much as it did then. Known as Fonda's "Experimental" movie, it has always worked for me in every way. The freeze frames, the superimpositions and the camerawork. And the icing on the cake is the end tune featured here, haunting, eerie, brilliant and memorable. The ever-reliable Oates makes a great contribution here. Can't figure why it is still such an underrated movie.

    BRUCE LANGHORNE - "hired hand" (medley)

    "opening" & "ending"
    taken from the soundtrack to peter fonda's "hired hand" (1971)
  • @lumaelec Y que lo digas!! En 1968 yo tenia 15. Naciendo en 1952, tuve la suerte y el privilegio de conocer esta decada de principio a final. Estar ahi rodeado con tantas novedades era todo!! No teniamos tiempo ni motivos para estar aburridos, como claramente esta la generacion tan electronizada que se ve hoy. Los ecos de los 60s aun se oyen hoy por todo el planeta en TV, modas, ideas y estilos y eso para mi es un orgullo enorme. Paz.

    The Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn!

    The classic song from the 60s band "The Byrds"
  • @Owdfolkie Thanks a lot for that info. Peace, man.

    The Shadows: Atlantis (1963)

    • by czuczli
    • 6 years ago
    UK Hit no. 2.
  • @SixStringMicky I also miss this golden decade when I hear the crap we have today. But "lost" as you say? Not exactly! Not ever! Notice how the power of that period is still reverberating today and still shaping many things everywhere - fashion, music, TV ads, cars, movies and even domestic appliances! I'm 59 and I will always feel great pride to have experienced that decade from beginning to end. Unlike the Electronically Processed kids of today, we never knew what boredom was! Peace.

    A world without love - Peter and Gordon

    This is Lennon/McCartney masterpiece A World Without Love.

    Peter and Gordon were one of the greatest pop-rock duos of the sixties, formed by Peter Asher and Gordon Waller
  • What a glorious, haunting sounding tune this one has always been for me. Similar in style with the equally haunting "Geronimo" from The Shadows. My favourite from the trio of hits they released. Brilliant stuff. I was 10 when I first heard this. Thank you Jet and Tony!

    Jet Harris & Tony Meehan - Diamonds - 1963 45rpm

    Terry Hawkins and Daniel Meehan (aka Jet and Tony) hit No.1 with this during the UK's last big freeze winter
  • As stated here and elsewhere by so many - How come The Eagles never reached the popularity of other instrumental groups? I'm now 59 and I've always considered them better than The Chantays or The Ventures. Their sound is the nearest to the pure and incluttered sound of The Shadows. Their arrangements of contemporary material such as this one, are impeccable, inventive and glorious. I've always loved the gorgeous riff in the middle of Al Di La. How cool is that? What a great band!! Peace.

    The Eagles - Al Di La

    *STEREO*. The Eagles play an instrumental version of Luciano Tajoli song "Al Di La". 1963. As requested, I've included a picture of Valerie Mountain (of 'Some People' fame).
  • Wow!! What can I say about this amazing dancer? Of all the many I've seen here, and there must be hundreds, she is my all time favourite. She has the cutest face I've ever seen!! And those expressive eyes are simply mesmerizing!! This is the video which shows her unique features better than all the others she has made, especially since this one has so many close ups. She is so gifted. And those beautiful eyes are magical!! Thank you Mirin!! You've got it all. Keep it up. All the best.

    【みりん】Happy Synthesizerを踊ってみた【PV Ver.】HD

    • by BoutoKM
    • 2 years ago
    Dancer:古川未鈴−Mirin Furukawa

    ▼【みりん】Mirin Playlist

    ▼Song:ハッピーシンセサイザ feat.GUMI&巡音ルカ

  • @Rayneenights I salute you and those true words. I was 14 when this classic came out. I feel privileged having had the chance to experience this Golden Decade from beginning to end. So much to enjoy. So much freedom around (Unlike today). So fantastic to be growing up in the middle of such a wealth of culture. We never had time to get bored. Kids today are electronically processed and fucked up. Our 60s material still manages to appear everywhere, inspiring and impressing everyone.

    A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harum

    • by Meowbay
    • 7 years ago
    Original 16mm Scopitone conversion, from the 'summer of love' 1967 hit record, remuxed and refurbished in 2006 (I should re-upload in higher quality, I know, I will when I find the time to search m...
  • @Libraloco73 Yes, and the curious thing is, that at the moment those chimes start, we see Clint with his back to the camera, exactly like he appears in For A Few Dollars More when he slowly raises the pocket watch with his left hand. Hearing those similar chimes here, one almost expects him to raise that watch the same way!! I have always thought this camera angle, especially with those distinctive sounds, to be intentional, making us think of the duel between Mortimer and Indio.

    The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Finale

    • by emas05
    • 6 years ago
    The 3 way final shootout between Tuco, Angel Eyes and Blondie.
  • Arguably the best version of them all!! There is another Roy Etzel version in the selection on the right, which does not incorporate the choir right after the first trumpet passage, but in this one, it is heard. Brilliant stuff!!

    Roy Etzel - El Silencio ( The Silence )

    • by Raiwons
    • 5 years ago
    I have another channel To visit Thank you is called " PityYou007 "

    Roy Etzel - El Silencio ( The Silence )
  • @margonca17 Excuse me Mr Margonca, but this version went to number one in the Autumn of 1968 because it sounded commercial enough for the charts. The original movie version by Ennio Morricone was simply just that, a movie version intended for the movie and not the charts. Just imagine if this Montenegro version was heard during the opening titles of The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!! It just wouldn't work!! Both versions are excellent, but they only belong where they were meant to belong.

  • @jjhkjhgkjh I am well aware that Hollywood has portrayed and still portrays a lot of fiction. That's what most of the movies are. And as you write, this movie might also be fantasy and made up, but boy, what an awesome production it is altogether!! My comment was meant to praise Coppola, the actors and everyone involved in this memorable movie of a lifetime. The horror of war has seldom been so vividly shown. So many memorable sequences and so many memorable lines. A true classic.

    Apocalypse Now Intro (The Doors - The End)

    • by yhprumx
    • 5 years ago
    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end
    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I'll never l...
  • It is such a relief not to hear the word "Dragoon" in this video!! Many thanks for that!! First Model, Second Model and Third Model Dragoons appeared AFTER the 1847 Walker model shown here. Even John Wayne, in True Grit, erroneously utters "Dragoon" when describing the massive 1847 Walker he takes out of Kim Darby's bag. Very informative video I thought. Thanks again.

    Uberti - Walker

    Visit us: http://bit.ly/CheaperThanDirt

    The story of the single action revolver began the day the Alamo fell in 1836. Thats when Samuel Colt began production of a revolving-cylinder pistol at hi...
  • I just love the effective variations Ennio adds at 1.21, 1.33, 1.58, 2.11. What a genius. What a gigantic contribution to cinema.

    Favourite OST #2 The Great Silence - Restless

    • by RFARFA
    • 4 years ago
    Just a list for a bunch of movie/TV soundtracks that i like.
    The list itself is in no particular order.

    Movie: The Great Silence(1968)
    Director: Sergio Corbucci
    Song: Ennio Morricone - Restless
  • @SuperZerodotcom No problem. Glad the info was useful.

    A Fistful of Dollars Theme (Ennio Morricone)

    The theme song for Sergio Leone's film "A Fistful of Dollars" (1965). Song is composed by Ennio Morricone.
  • @Pilert Amigo? Him? I wrote that in a derogatory way, just like when one says "Stay off my face, pal". Gerrit now? And there's also no need for a correct term here as my last line in spanish says it all quite clearly. I wrote the first part in english so that anyone who doesn't know spanish would know about the offensive remark he wrote. To hell with him!! Let's play some Morricone music!! LOUD!! So he can hear it!!!

    Ennio Morricone - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Soundtrack Music Suite 1966

    music of the soundtrack of the movie The Good, the Bad and theUgly composed by Ennio Morricone 1966

    starring Clint Eastwood the living Legend, Lee van Cleef and Eli Wallach

    directed by Sergio...
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