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Ricky Morse

Bad Reputation - Ricky Morse Original

211 views 9 months ago
Produced 100% by Myself using "Mixcraft 6" - Anytime After 4 Music Management -

Lyrics- (Written by Ricky Morse)
Bad Reputation- Ricky Morse Music

She's got a bad reputation
Always up to no good
Never did what poppa told her
Even though she knew she should

Momma knows she taught her better
But she never gave a damn
Now she lookin over shoulders
With that Bad Repu- Tation

Shes on the Darkside now
And she ain't never coming home
A Bad Reputuation...
She ain't never coming home

now shes out here makin money
Finding ways to pay the bills
Met a man who goes by "Donny"
Got her caught up in those pills

Refrain - Instrumental/Lead

Swears she's leavin' outta' Austin
Hoppin freight trains outta' town
Just when she's kicked the habit
She swallows another one down...

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