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  • Jupiter

    • 1 year ago
    Take a little trip into space to Jupiter and the Great Red Spot. http://bit.ly/QZ9DJq
  • Geo

    • 2 years ago
    Some fun with GeoSOnix, and new program (still in alpha testing). http://www.geosonix.com/top/
  • Glow Tree

    • 2 years ago
    A concert given on 17 June 2012 at the Gallery of Musical Sculptures, with the Avatar Consorte, and Fuschia NIghtfire, our speedbuilder. My avatar is making inworld sounds which are then sent out t...
  • Caldera

    • 2 years ago
    A short piece of colour and light. Composed on Bidule. Music and video by Tim Risher. Copyright 2012!
  • Cork on the Waves

    • 2 years ago
    Music by Paragaté. Tim Risher and Tom DePlonty, keyboards and electronics. The voice is Theodore Edison, son of Thomas Alva Edison, discussing his father's Monoid Theory.

    © 2012 Tim Risher and Tom...
  • Spirals of Light

    • 2 years ago
    An improvised session with the Avatar Consorte - AldoManutio Abruzzo and Flivelwitz Alsop in a show of streaming electronic sounds from the real world as well as from Second Life. The video was tak...
  • Still Day

    • 2 years ago
    Originally released on "Stillness in the Mirror" in 2011, I decided to put together a very slow video to go with the slow music. I used Second Life as my palette. http://auraltonemusic.bandcamp.com...
  • Ground Effect

    • 2 years ago
    Music by Tim Risher and Tom DePlonty, 2012 all rights reserved. Appears on our latest Release, "The World Above Us" on the Camerata Label - Buy the whole digital download here: http://paragate.band...
  • Fragulations

    • 2 years ago
    Just a little piece for Randy Raine-Reusch on his birthday, performed by the AOM in Second Life.

    Randy Raine-Reusch, Norman Lowrey, Max D Well, Humming Pera, Björn Eriksson and Tim Risher at Odyss...
  • The world above me

    • 3 years ago
    Music by Tim Risher. THis is copyrighted by me.
    Video is a distortion of the opening of the 1903 version of "Alice in Wonderland", directed by Percy Stow and Cecil Hepworth.
  • They actually enabled the Wall here towards the end of the Original run of the Online version; We would bring our neighbourhood over and climb all over it in the lovely suits. You weren't allowed to take the suits out with you, but there was a glitch then, and you could get a suit out with you (I forget how). As a matter of fact, my avatar here in YouTube is me wearing part of the maintainer's suit.

    Let's Play Uru Live - part 29 - The second fortress

    This video ends rather abruptly because the game crashed when I linked using the Bahro stone. I get the impression Gahreesen doesn't like me.
  • There is indeed a glitch on the Bevin balcony - I played in the original Uru online version loooong ago. When you jump the fence, you end up on the roof of the eggroom. The original marker was placed on the roof down there, and you had to jump the fence to get to it!

    Let's Play Uru Live - part 26 - Journey of the pillars

    We use the Bahro stone from Gahreesen that leads to the balcony in Bevin.
  • Found out a bit more about the vocal version of this piece: In Trouble and Adversity was adapted from John Taverner's 4-part instrumental work In Nomine (which is turn is a version of a section from his Gloria Tibi Trinitas).

    The text was added by John Caustun, a minor Tudor composer, and published in John Days Mornyng and Evening Prayer and Communion of 1565, 20 years after Taverner's death.

    Taverner-In nomine

    John Taverner's In Nomine performed by "Concordia" on early instruments. THIS VIDEO BELONGS TO THE BBC.
    Taverner composed about 70 works, he wrote eight masses in all, and the tune for the "In nom...
  • The fact that they cancelled the show is a sad sign of how programmes are decided.

    SG.U. S02E14 Hope {Part 3}

    SG.U. S02E14 Hope {Part 3}
  • Nice version, except that this piece is from the 1610 Vespers and not from the Selva Morale!

    Selva Morale Extraits

    Domine ad adjuvandum - Selva Morale
    Claudio Monteverdi 1567 - 1643
    dir. Gabriel Garrido
  • Purcell - Lord, not to us & O God, the King of glory. King

    Henry Purcell's hymn 'Lord, not to us but to thy name' for the Anglican Sunday after ascension Z 137 with score for ATB voices and

    the anthem 'O God, the King of glory' Z 34 with score for SAT...
  • very nice!

    Complex Silence 10

    Here is a preview video for Complex Silence 10, which is a mix of all previous 9 Complex Silence releases, due out soon for free download. Bookmark our homepage: http://complexsilence.wordpress.com/ .
  • I haven't seen this live, but would love to. I saw "Punch and Judy" by Birtwistle though, that was really amazing as well.

    Eight Songs for a Mad King Excerpt

    Excerpts from "8 Songs for a Mad King" by Peter Maxwell Davies. DMA lecture-recital: Jerry Hui, composition.

    February 26 (Fri) 8pm, Mills Concert Hall, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Very nice! I went for a bit as well, dream a little dream for me!


    Ione's 15th Annual Dream Festival
    World-Wide Virtual Overnight Concert
    for Dreaming Avatars in Second Life
    with Norman Lowrey, members of
    Avatar Orchestra Metaverse
    and the Deep Listening Community
  • Thanks - I will package it up for the next Enterprise!

    NIght Sun 2.wmv

    • by Zubdub
    • 4 years ago
    Part of my Ambient series. This one is for electronic sounds and piano. After creating the sounds (computer and live), I placed the sounds into the sculpture you see on the screen (In Second Life),...
  • Invisible Love Duo // Soundcheck before concert

    Invisible Love Duo.
    Soundcheck before concert august 21th 2010.

    More info on the duo: www.thecatboxcorp.dk or www.majmon.com
  • Mahakala

    • 4 years ago
    Mahakala is a work of art in Second Life created by Alizarin Goldflake in collaboration with sound artist Flivelwitz Alsop (Tim Risher). The music presented in this video is an expansion of the ori...
  • Weave Song

    • 4 years ago
    This piece is composed using a series of slow clarinet sounds and water. The video uses shots of sculptures by Sunn Thunders in Second Life. The music is by Tim Risher.

    The full album is downloada...
  • oooo looky! That's me!


    • by Apmel
    • 4 years ago
    Video excerpt from live performance 8th June 2010
    Bingo Onomatopoeia, aka Andreas Müller (Regensburg, Germany)
    BlaiseDeLaFrance Voom, a...
  • Very nice movement, sculptures and music! Thanks for making it.

    UWA 3D Art Challenge - March 2010 Winners by Iono Allen

    Winners of the March 2010 round of the UWA 3D Art Challenge

    Many thanks to:
    Angharad Catteneo & Quadrapop Lane
    who have both shown such a huge patience with me !
    and to Jayjay Zifanwe.

  • No-one Wants to Go to Jail for Things (2010)

    • 4 years ago
    This little video is based on . . . you guessed it! I thought they fit together very well, considering a lot of the voices used in the piece are from the event. Music and video by Tim Risher. The ...
  • Very nice! Enjoyable piece!

    TelefunkenU47 - 2008 Fark Retrospective

    A short film of my Photoshop work for Fark.com in 2008.

    Produced in Flash MX.

    Music: Symphony No. 6 1st Movement "Adagio" (2nd Revision)
    John Serdy - Edirol Orchestral, Graphic Blandishment...
  • What was the third operatic commercial?


    "Vesti" is one of three :60 operatic commercials created for Kellogg's Rice Krispies in the late 1960s to build new awareness for a well known cereal. The advertising agency: Leo Burnett in Chicago...
  • Pushing Water

    • 4 years ago
    A short video I made based on my little piece "Pushing Water 30". The fragments of poetry are from the poem of the same name (what a coincidence!) by Charles Alexander. The voice is also that of th...
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