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  • @tomjunggung

    this same problem is also in christianity. the catholic church was also allied with Nazi germany then, even the pope supported mussolini and hitler in their evil agenda, churches are using Gods name to make money etc,in islam the jihad fighters are blocking the way to true Islam (peace), forcing people to become moslems,death penalty for apostates etc. So the human beings are the ones manipulating the holy books! oh oh poor humans. The truth is in the Bible and Koran

    A Challenge to Dr Zakir Naik from a Christian at Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Dr Zakir Naik answers the questions raised by a Chrisytaian at the Q & A session at Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • @jdtuncq

    stfu you senseless, ignorant something!First dinstiguish between the holy books and human beings. Do you know that God inspired the scripture writers to write it all down as a proof that He really exists even in this 21 century and afterwards? I bet you havent read the bible at all just coz you dont have time or someone convinced you not to!

    A muslim argues with Dawkins - funny

    "Richard Dawkins should go to School and study more" Says a UK Muslim. Dawkins says " islam is a peaceful religion, what a Joke!!!"
  • qipurupuru

    because of silly comments like urs, i rather stay a christian.Got enough weapons to back me up with proverbs and psalms.

    How I came to Islam? Abdurraheem Green 1

    • by nrjuma
    • 5 years ago
    In this video Sheikh Abdurraheem Green shares his amazing story about how he came to Islam
  • listen to anfraxriddms

    hes summerizing all what Islam is all about. Im a christian and i came to realize they all out for money making, driving big cars, wearing the best suits, drinking alcohol, eating pigs, but since i stopped those consumes I feel lot better, like a new born baby, full of strength and vigour, The mosque doesnt care about that, they dont look at peoples faces,only God, the truth hurtz. But the jihad thing is wrong! jesus christ was better there,infact always loving and kind,

    How Neil Armstrong became a Muslim

    • by nullptr
    • 4 years ago
    "From Morocco to the Philippines it is commonly believed that Neil Armstrong heard the Azan on the moon, converted to Islam and is now engaged in the full-time propagation of the Muslim faith."

  • what question was there to answer ? he was so outraged the indian man lol, but honestly i didnt comprehend his questions, in debate i ll prove him wrong, Dr Zakir knows evry quotations from the bible, your bible looool

  • im a christian but through simple logic, Islam inspires me and stands firm in worshipping one God only and praying 5 times a day and the songs from muhammed Madhi, rasuallah, Allahamdulillah, I ll turn moslem!

    A young man argues with Dr Zakir Naik

    If People around the world knew their religious scripture a little more, then they would come to a different conclusion and reality that their religion prohibits something that they do not stay awa...
  • @Mrjonesgg

    have you read the bible? the new testament? do it and read the proverbs, all what you said is also stated in the bible, the phi ratio 1.1618 was known and practiced by the olden egyptians, summerians etc. True but the bible was written in codes and metaphors

    RE - A christian challenging zakir naik

    • by ahwn1
    • 4 years ago
    Zakir Naik with his mugged up version of the bible tries to fool. But he should never forget however he tries to be smart god has his own way to bring forth the truth. This video confirms the holy ...
  • very intelligent

    Abdur Raheem Green - Meaningful Mankind, The Purpose of Life

    Abdur Rahim Green talks about the purpose of life under the topic "Meaningful Mankind, The Islamic Definition".

    Born in Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania to British parents, Green's father (born in Eng...
  • @xxxmaster888

    du bist wirklick ein King, weise muss ein König sein, nicht dumm! wie diese sog nazis, Hitlers Erbe, Teufelswerk!!! diese idioten müssen sich jedentag auspowern mit sport, statt bier zu trinken und randale machen!! dann werden die rasch feststellen sie selber sind ihre eigene Probleme, faule socken!

    Passau 2009 - Provokation der NPD

    Watch it!
  • aber die christen waren auch nicht ohne von wegen mit Zwang Christen werden sonst sterben, entweder oder? islam auch so, die beiden haben scheiße stecken....

    Die Erben der Nazis: Islam und der Hass gegen Juden

    Diskussionsforum gegen die Islamisierung Europas

    The successors of the nazis: Islam and Jew hatred
    Grand mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini
  • toooooo much respect! I feel you brother

    IAM - Demain C'est Loin

    Oui http://www.jesuismillionaire.com
    Entrez dans le club!

    Le groupe naît en 1984-85 sous le nom de Lively Crew, et est tout d'abord composé de deux membres, le rappeur Akhenaton et le DJ Kheops...
  • madih please can you make more of such tunes, its too nice 4 the ear, so wonderful, heavenly intervention indeed! God bless you, Allahu akbar! i listen to it the whole day long. I dont understand a word but i can feel the words heavily

    Madih-Muhammad kheir_Ser bi ila dar El Habib **NEU*NEW**

    Aus der neuen cd aus libanon ...der rest kommt noch ...ser bi ila dare el el7abib
    سر بي الى دار الحبيب
  • madih you are blessed, God blessssssssssssssss youuuuuuuuuu, Amen!! my best song is rayasulla neu madih, goose bumbs pure, God is great.Im a christian but i love your tunes from lebanon, my nephew is a lebanese, beautiful people! The bass voices are like angels voices in battle against the demons!

    Madih Neu 2009 Al Yatim Neu

    Madih Aus Libanon Über Den Yatim.
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